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01 January 0001

The Meetings Show - You Were A Blast!

In this blog post recapping our time at The Meetings Show, we will share key insights and trends that event professionals should know to plan the best events from conversations at The Meetings Show, Emirates Old Trafford best moments, and delving into the evolving expectations of delegates in today's dynamic event landscape.

But first, the team at Emirates Old Trafford, Zoe Arnold, Ruby Lambert and Angela Hodson want to thank you everyone who booked an appointment with us or popped by our stand to find out more about the venue. And of course, to all those who wore our iconic Emirates Old Trafford helmets, more on that later…

Our Team Share Key Insights for Planning the Best Events

The Desire for Easy, Simplicity, and Flexibility at Events Increases

Delegates attending events are increasingly seeking easy, simplicity, and flexibility in their experience. They desire seamless transitions from one place to another without the burden of long travel times or the need to constantly move between venues for each activity. By eliminating logistical challenges, delegates can focus more on the purpose of the event and maximize their engagement.

Moreover, the ability to be flexible with event spaces is crucial to accommodate diverse requirements and adapt to unique delegate needs. This flexibility ensures that the event can cater to various preferences, allowing delegates to fully customise their experience and make the most of their time. Ultimately, by prioritising easy navigation, simplicity, and adaptability, event organisers can create a more convenient and enjoyable environment for delegates, enhancing overall satisfaction and the success of the event.

Beyond having just a party! Delegates Seek Morally-Aligned Venues Emphasising Wellbeing, Outdoor Spaces, and Sustainability

Delegates are now seeking event venues that align with their morals and values, transcending the mere desire for partying. Wellbeing, outdoor spaces, and sustainability have taken centre stage in their considerations. Instead of solely focusing on entertainment, delegates prioritize venues that foster a holistic sense of wellness, providing spaces that promote physical and mental health. Outdoor areas have become essential, offering opportunities for fresh air, natural light, and rejuvenating environments.

Moreover, sustainability is a key concern, as delegates aim to support eco-friendly practices and minimize their environmental footprint. By choosing venues that reflect their values, delegates can enjoy events that not only entertain but also contribute positively to their overall wellbeing and the planet.

Our best moments at The Meetings Show

The Meetings Show is a premier event in the business and meetings industry, offering exceptional moments that we simply have to share with you.

"The Meetings Show provides a remarkable platform to connect with fellow event professionals and showcase the incredible offerings of Emirates Old Trafford. It's the perfect opportunity to unveil our latest developments, transforming our venue into an all-encompassing destination for unparalleled event experiences."

- Zoe Arnold, Business Development Manager at Emirates Old Trafford

The Emirates Old Trafford Helmets

Reintroducing the Emirates Old Trafford helmets was a fantastic decision, as it allowed everyone walking by our stand to reconnect and engage with our destination and showcase our latest developments. We had leading event professionals who are dedicated to making the industry a better place, take part and wear the helmets for a bit of fun but embraced everything we stand for at Emirates Old Trafford.

Angela Hodson Interview

Sales Director Angela Hodson stole the show on The Meetings Show TV, sharing her admiration for Emirates Old Trafford, discussing its remarkable £75 million redevelopment and its significance in the events industry. Her passion for the venue and insights into the industry created an engaging and informative segment that resonated with both attendees and viewers at the exhibition.

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

We were thrilled to share the exciting news of Hotel Garden Inn's expansion at Emirates Old Trafford, transforming it into the ultimate all-in-one destination for events. With the new hotel extension and dynamic event space, this £75 million redevelopment project solidifies Emirates Old Trafford as a world-class venue. The integration of the extended hotel with the existing event spaces opens up endless possibilities for event organisers, making it a go-to choice for multi-day events, conferences, exhibitions, and more.

Until Next Time…

To all our wonderful visitors at The Meetings Show, a heartfelt thank you! Your support and enthusiasm made the event truly special. We can't wait to see you again next year, where we'll continue to deliver exceptional experiences at Emirates Old Trafford.

Stay inspired, keep dreaming big, and until we meet again, take care!

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