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The Killers: Terms & Conditions and Stadium Map

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Lancashire Cricket Club and its authorised agents and distributors sell, allocate and issue tickets for events (the Tickets”) at Emirates Old Trafford (the “Ground”) only upon the Ticket Terms and Conditions and Conditions of Entry (the “Terms”). By applying for or purchasing or being allocated or transferred Tickets all recipients of Tickets (“the Purchaser”) shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms.
  2. 2. Tickets shall not be purchased, sold or obtained from or through any person, company, agent or otherwise than from Lancashire Cricket Club or a Lancashire Cricket Club Authorised Agent, who all reserve the right to refuse to sell to individuals or agencies suspected of intending to resell Tickets in breach of the Terms.
  3. 3. Tickets that are resold, transferred, auctioned, offered for sale or advertised for sale (or that Lancashire Cricket Club reasonably believe have been or are intended to be) via an unauthorised channel such as an unauthorised secondary ticketing facility, or otherwise sold or obtained in breach of these Terms will be void. All rights conferred by the Ticket will automatically terminate. As a consequence, Tickets may be seized and/or cancelled, and Tickets may not enable the holder to gain entry to the Ground and a holder may be ejected from the Ground without refund or compensation. Lancashire Cricket Club may also take the decision to blacklist the Purchaser.
  4. 4. Tickets may not be used as a prize, or as part of a competition, or in any promotional or similar activity without the written consent of Lancashire Cricket Club.
  5. 5. Tickets may not be included as part of accommodation, food, drink and/or travel packages (the “Package”) unless the Package has been authorised by Lancashire Cricket Club. Tickets must not be stripped from Packages and any Ticket stripped from a Package will be void.
  6. 6. The Promoter reserve the right to alter or vary the content or timing of the whole or any part of the Show due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control without being obliged to refund or exchange tickets. 
  7. 7. Any person who enters Emirates Old Trafford or the surrounding areas or other property owned or controlled by Lancashire Cricket Club (the “Ground”) is admitted only on the basis of these conditions and by entering the Grounds has deemed to have accepted these conditions.
  8. 8. Entry to the Grounds requires a valid ticket, authorised accreditation or pass. Authorised personnel reserve the right to request that a person produce a valid ticket and photo identification at any time.
  9. 9. Admission to the Grounds will be denied if a person attempts to gain entry with alcohol. The importation of any alcohol is prohibited for all events. The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in authorised areas.
  10. 10. Any person who enters the Grounds must comply with oral and/or written instructions issued by Lancashire Cricket Club Management, the Promoter, Stewards or Police Officers. Lancashire Cricket Club reserves the right to refuse admission, or to eject from the Grounds, any person who does not comply with the Ticket Terms and Conditions, oral and/or written instructions.
  11. 11. Any person and their property are liable to be searched by authorised personnel on entry to the Grounds and at any other time during the event. Failure to submit to any requested search by authorised personnel will lead to refusal of admission or ejection and may also lead to exclusion from the Grounds.
  12. 12. The following offences are prohibited and any person committing such an offence may be ejected and excluded from the Grounds:
    1. a. the use of foul or abusive language, obscene or indecent gestures or chanting, including threatening, abusive or insulting language directed to a person by reason of their colour, race, sexuality, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origins;
    2. b. unnecessary noise or annoying or dangerous behaviour likely to cause distress, confusion or nuisance of any kind
    3. c. the climbing onto or into stands, buildings, fences, walls, structures or fittings within the Grounds;
    4. d. the obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits, entrances and stairways;
    5. e. the unauthorised use of promotional, commercial, political and religious printed matter, including but not limited to leaflets, banners, clothing, signs, symbols;
    6. f. The following items are prohibited (“Prohibited Items”) within the Grounds:
  13. 13. Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or commercial identification intended for ambush marketing, mobile phone portable battery chargers, large flags, banners, rattles, fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics, air horns, musical instruments, klaxons, smoke canisters, laser pointers, bottles, glasses, cans, cooking devices, poles, knives, blades and other articles or containers - including any which could or might be used as a weapon - or any other item which in the reasonable opinion of the Lancashire Cricket Club could be used as a weapon or cause nuisance to others.
  14. 14. If a person is found with a Prohibited Item, this item will be confiscated by authorised personnel and the person may be ejected from the Grounds or refused entry into the Grounds. The item will be disposed of without compensation if the party declines to return the item to a safe place.
  15. 15. SMOKING (including any form of electronic cigarette) IS NOT PERMITTED except within designated areas and any person found smoking outside of a designated area may be ejected from the Grounds.
  16. 16. Any person within the Grounds or attempting to gain access to the Grounds who is, or appears to be under the influence of drink or drugs may be ejected from the Grounds or refused entry into the Grounds.
  17. 17. The use of photographic or recording equipment of any kind must not inconvenience any person. With the exception of persons authorised by Lancashire Cricket Club, the taking of picture or sound recordings, or the transmitting of any audio, visual or any information or data in relation to an event by whatever means for commercial sale or use is strictly prohibited. Audio-visual equipment may be confiscated by authorised personnel if commercial use or sale is suspected. Lancashire Cricket Club owns all intellectual property rights in material taken or recorded in the Grounds, and copyright and moral rights in any unauthorised recording or transmissions is assigned to the Lancashire Cricket Club.

Stadium Map