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28 Jan 2020

#CheckInWith: Grace Brocklehurst

Back for 2020 is our #CheckInWith series, and this month we're kicking things off and catching up with Grace Brocklehurst, who's part of the marketing team.

What is job title?

I’m a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

How long have you been at Emirates Old Trafford?

I’ve been here just under 18 months.

What is your day to day role?

As cliché as this sounds, no day is the same, and that’s one of the reasons I love my role. I provide support to Gemma who’s our Venue Marketing Manager where I manage our email campaigns, which includes anything to our Venue database right through to our Christmas party emails.

I look after the venue analytics, so dig a little deeper into what content is our most successful and engaging, so that we can make sure we’re including the content that our audience is after. I also provide support for any wider projects that the team need assistance with.

How do you work with the Conference and Events team?

I help support the team with any external events that they may be attending, such as The Meeting Show, CHS, Asian Wedding Experience etc. I’ll manage everything from a marketing perspective, which includes organising the collateral that they’ll need, ensuring the stand is on brand and set up correctly for when the team arrives.

As I mentioned earlier, I manage the digital analytics for emails which involves collating reports and feeding the results back to the team. This provides us with the chance to discuss what works well and what areas that we can improve on going forwards. 

How does your role at the venue tie in with your apprenticeship?

There’s quite a big overlap between what I learn at my apprenticeship and my role at the Club. I’d say that the curriculum is very broad, so we cover anything from coding a website and google analytics to the principles of marketing, so there’s not things that I necessarily do both in classes and my role.

One of the big things about being able to take up an apprenticeship for me was the ability to learn first-hand how a business works and there’s elements of my role that I’m able to learn from and transfer that to my course.

What has been your highlight of working at Emirates Old Trafford?

I’d say it’s definitely been being able to have worked the two international matches we had at the Club in 2019, where we hosted six ICC Cricket World Cup fixtures and an Ashes Test. It was a fantastic opportunity and it’s something that not a lot of people will be able to say they got to be a part of. 

It’s impressive to see the ground fill up with a sell-out crowd who are all passionate about the same thing – it gives you goose bumps.

What’s your role on a match day?

I support the rest of the team on a match day, so manage the various photographers and videographers that we have on-site to capture content of the venue and fans at the ground, as well as managing our social media accounts and responding to customer enquiries.

There’s not really a set role as such, as everyone just gets stuck into whatever tasks need to be done!

And finally, what’s your guilty pleasure?

It’s a bit nerdy and not stereotypical for a 19-year-old, but I do love a good period drama such as Downton Abbey or The Crown. And I’m a sucker for barbecue popchips, my desk drawer is full of them.