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21 Apr 2020

A Day in the Life Of: Michael Hewson

We catch up with Head of Hotel, Conference and Events Strategy, Michael Hewson, who tells us about his working from home routine.

I’m sure many people would agree that abnormal is the new normal – and I’m not sure I can define normal anymore. If someone had suggested to me that three months ago, we would be suspending operations at the venue and working in this environment, I’d never have believed them.

Routine is definitely the key for keeping myself sane – without it I’m not sure I’d be able to focus. Thankfully I’m quite lucky that my partner and I both have a home office, so we don’t hear each other on our remote meetings, and we’re fortunate that we’re able to separate our home from our workspace.

Part of my routine involves making sure to always get dressed, usually in my signature shirt and jumper combination that I wear year-round! I know some people don’t even get dressed, but doing this helps me separate myself from the working day and get in a better mindset for the day ahead.

I always have breakfast (two wheetabix) and keep my mug full of Earl Grey throughout the day – you’ll never find me with an empty mug and if you do, something’s not quite right. Spotify definitely helps keep me focused, I’m listening to it non-stop at the moment.


I don’t stick to a morning and afternoon routine as such, instead I just have a list of priorities that I focus on each day, which I’ve outlined below, as I find it easier to work this way and tick things off.

My days involve a lot of planning for the short and long term. I like to set and complete at least two goals per day as this gives me a sense of accomplishment, something which can be hard to achieve in isolation. I find by doing this I’m more focused and ready to support my team and the Executive Team.

It’s a really unpredictable and tough period for us at the moment, but the team at Lancashire Cricket are truly a fantastic bunch to work with. We all pull together and get stuck in wherever we’re needed, so it’s no exaggeration when I say that no day is the same, even in isolation.

My main priorities for each day are:

  • Staying in touch with my team, whether that’s via Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, phone or email.
  • Keeping in regular contact with our Hotel Manager and Head of Hotel Sales. We also have a skeleton crew at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, so I check in with them and support with guest queries and any enquiries.
  • Developing new processes and new reporting which we’ve been trying to implement, to help drive the business forward.
  • Maintain a close relationship with Hilton as our Owner Representative.
  • Support the Executive Team and our Chief Executive following an unprecedented amount of change at the Club in the last six months and planning for the future and what that will look like.


I really do miss the people in my life – family, friends and colleagues. I miss popping in to the various offices and seeing how everyone is, and checking in on my team. I like to keep them entertained and that even includes dressing up as the Club’s mascot, Lanky.

There’s a few pluses about isolation in the sense that I’m a keen runner, so lockdown has meant that I’m doing more running in than I have done for years! Each day I make sure I either do a 5k or having a go on the WiiFit which we’ve dug out from the loft. I’m also getting to see more of my garden and it being in Spring bloom, something that I’m usually not able to see as I work long hours across weekdays and weekends. I’m even finding the time to do a spot of DIY.

I’m also finding time to binge some of the programmes that we’ve been meaning to watch – we’ve just finished House of Cards on Netflix, a fantastic watch. Killing Eve has returned so that’s next on the list and I’m debating about re-watching The Walking Dead.

I love reading and always have more than one book on the go. They’re all great reads so I’d highly recommend the below reading list I’m making my way through.

  • “My Girls – by Todd Fisher” – about the life of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
  • “A Monk’s Guide to Happiness by Gelong Thubten” – a very reflective look at everything we do and why – deep!
  • “Origin – by Dan Brown” – this Angels and Demons rather than our Head of Operations!