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29 Aug 2019

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but when it comes to the annual corporate ‘Secret Santa’, we know it can be particularly difficult to choose an appropriate gift for your colleagues.

Often, the luck of the draw provides you with no luck at all, and the name you pick out of the Santa’s hat is someone you don’t socialise with on a daily basis, and you’re then tasked with finding the perfect gift, one that’s also in your price range.

That’s where we come in, as we’ve created a list of the top Secret Santa gift ideas that will provide you with some festive inspiration.

Cross Stitch Kit

The ideal gift for those who are creatively minded, why not give your Secret Santa a cross stitch kit? It’s a great pastime for those who enjoy crafts, and you can usually get them for £10 and under.

Cocktail Kit

For those who enjoy a tipple or two, why not give your Secret Santa a kick start in developing their bartender skills and buy a cocktail making kit. And, they can try it at home while they’re entertaining the family, so you can be sure it will be popular among them all.

Spiritual Book

There’s always somebody in the office who loves delving in to finding out more about their star sign, or tell you about a dream they had the night before the moment that they walk into their office. Why not wrap up a book on their star sign or a book on defining dreams?

Spiced Tea

Perfect for Susie who religiously makes a brew at 3pm each afternoon, why not splash out on a luxury brand of festive spiced tea? Try Whittards of Chelsea or Fortnum & Mason – they usually have speciality teas starting from £8.

Card Games

Christmas is the time where family get together, eat too much food and play rubbish games, so why not get the family man or woman of the office a card game, that they can play amongst each other? There’s many that are brought out each year, so keep your eyes peeled as you can snap up a humorous bargain.

Sweet Treats

For someone who has a sweet tooth, why not pop to a traditional sweet shop and create a jar of their favourite retro sweet treats? Or, if you don’t know the person that well, there’s always the ready made sweet jars that can create a tasty gift.

Miniature Candles

Let your colleagues create their own home spa and buy them a range of scented candles to light up their season.

Personalised Santa Snow Globe

If you can’t resist investing in some festive tat, then a personalised snow globe could be an alternative, yet personal stocking filler, and, it shows that you’ve spent the time creating something memorable.

Tote Bag

We’re becoming more savvy on single use plastics and boycotting them. So, why not give your Secret Santa a shopping tote that they can use when they go food, clothes or essentials shopping? A useful gift is always one of the best ones.

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