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24 Jul 2019

Planning your Christmas party outfit

Christmas parties are the biggest event in most of our calendars, where it gives guests the chance to celebrate the end of another year and recognise the hard work of employees. It’s a fantastic chance to socialise with colleagues and those who you may not perhaps have the chance to on a day-to-day basis.

Planning the perfect party outfit can take some time, in fact, women spend almost double their time planning their outfit than they spend at the actual party, so ensuring you dress to impress is the first point to tick off on any checklist.

Finding the right balance of ‘night out’ glam, but also something that doesn’t say ‘too smart’ or ‘too casual’ can be tricky, and of course, it all depends on the venue and theme of your Christmas party.

At Emirates Old Trafford, we’ve rounded up some top tips on how to plan your Christmas party outfit, to make sure you wow your guests this year.

1. Office Christmas Party

Some companies decide to host their Christmas party at the office itself and the key to nailing the right outfit is really to read the room. You know your company better than anyone and what your colleagues wear on a day-to-day basis – understanding this is key to making sure you don’t make a fashion faux pas.

If you and your colleagues abide by the regular office dress code of suit and tie, then you will probably want to keep things fairly simple and opt for a more elegant version of your day-to-day outfit. For men, a slim cut tailored suit with a pair of chic loafers will create a suave look, and for women, an elegant midi dress with some strappy heels – your look doesn’t have to break the bank.

2. Swanky Christmas Party

Think Great Gatsby, the Greatest Showman and Casino Royale – the more extravagant, the better. This is the party where you need to dress to impress.

For women, think ball gowns that sparkle when they catch the light, or perhaps opt for a shorter look with a 1920s inspired dress. Accessorise with a headband or feather boa to complete your look. For men, why not swap the classic blazer in favour of a velvet jacket and accesorise with a bow tie to create a chic and sophisticated look.

3. Post-work dinner and drinks

Smaller companies may opt for a casual post work celebration – a more informal gathering where you go to a local pub or restaurant for some dinner, before finishing your celebration with a drink or two.

You don’t want to overdress for this occasion, so the more casual, the better. Christmas jumpers and gimmicky headbands are definitely acceptable attire for this kind of party night – just make sure you don’t go all out Christmas elf.

4. Black Tie

The classic celebration that most of us associate with a Christmas party, and some companies may even suggest a dress code – in which case, it’s pretty self explanatory.

Usually, larger companies host a black tie event – an elegant affair where guests can tailor their outfit, and is probably one of the easier parties to plan your look for.

For women, think night out on the town with your friends. Patterned or tailored trousers, the classic LBD, or a dress fit for a princess are all perfect for this particular celebration. And, for men? A tux is probably the best option for a more formal occasion, but for a more relaxed celebration, swap the suit shirt for a smart shirt or rollneck.

If you’re interested in Christmas parties at Emirates Old Trafford, our Christmas Coordinator would love to hear from you. Give the team a call on 0161 282 4020 or email Alternatively, download our Christmas brochure and find out more about the different packages that we have available.