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31 Oct 2019

How to keep your team motivated during the festive season

Keeping your employees motivated during the festive season can be difficult, particularly when there are many celebrations, distractions and an increased workload.

This month, we’ve compiled a list of the top five things that you can do in order to keep your employees productive and happy during the most wonderful time of the year.

Plan your workload

There’s many demands during December including an increased workload, as employees need to ensure their to-do-list is comfortably ticked off before breaking up for Christmas, and this can lead your team to feel overwhelmed.

Employees who are stressed are often unhappy, which in turn leads to a decrease in overall productivity. By working out a workplan for the festive season, it can help to outline priorities and what can realistically be achieved, resulting in a happier workforce.

Company events

During the festive season, it can be a good idea to incentivise your staff – whether it’s a pub quiz style evening, a team lunch or getting excited about the office Christmas party.

Parties offer employees a way to relax, socialise and celebrate the year’s achievements, as well as provide the opportunity to unwind with colleagues.

A Christmas party doesn’t have to break the bank, but provide the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and be something that all the team will enjoy – the value of the party is so much more than a celebration.

And, to show your employees that you really appreciate their hard work, why not organise company awards? This can be a great way to acknowledge their achievements and commemorate the year.

Festive atmosphere

There’s lots of different ways to spread cheer around the office. Why not play some Christmas anthems and get the whole office singing along? You should allow for a bit of down time for your team to relax, as usually clients and customers are winding down and it can boost productivity.

Don’t forget to organise a Secret Santa for your team! If you’re looking for some inspiration, don’t forget to check out our Secret Santa gift ideas.

Flexible hours

In the lead up to Christmas, it can be a bit of a juggling act with your work and personal life. Meeting the demand of attending both family and work events, as well as finding time to sort your Christmas shopping. It can make it difficult for your team to maintain the usual working hours, without lots of added stress.

During December, you could introduce flexible working hours, giving your employees the chance to choose when they start and finish to accommodate their schedules. Or even as a thank you, early Friday finishes throughout the month.

Organise your schedule

We’ve already mentioned prioritising your workload, but you also need to organise your team’s schedule. You don’t want all of your team off at once, but you also want to make sure that everyone has a couple of days off to unwind and stay positive.


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