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17 Jul 2019

How meeting room environment affects productivity

Creating the right work environment for your employees is the key to increasing productivity. And this environment shouldn’t be restricted to just the general office space alone - meeting rooms should also be at the top of the list for creating a productive environment.

Follow our top tips for transforming your meeting room into a more creative, engaging space…

Bright spaces

Brightening up the room is great for uplifting moods and keeping morale high, whether it be a splash of bright colour or a space with large windows, filling the room with natural light.

High quality technology

A meeting room with updated technology and software increases productivity, even something as simple as a strong WiFi connection. A poor connection could really slow down the meeting, resulting in a severe drop in productivity. Other tech equipment you should look out for includes video calling technology, projectors, microphones, and speakers.

Good lighting

A well lit room is important for keeping employees motivated. A room with large windows allows for lots of natural light, creating the illusion of a spacious, open area.

Smart conference table and chairs

A comfortable, smart meeting layout can contribute to the productivity of your team, especially if you allow adequate space for brainstorming and collaboration. Typically, the best seating arrangements for meeting rooms include U-shape and boardroom styles.


Having a generous flow of oxygen is important for mental sharpness and sustained energy. Consider airing the room out and opening up the windows before, or during, your meeting. And if it’s cold during the winter, ensure there’s sufficient heating in the room to keep employees toasty.

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