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28 Aug 2019

Alternative ways to keep your delegates engaged during a meeting

It’s easy to get wrapped up with the same routine when presenting to a team and often a speaker reuses the same PowerPoint template, leaving delegates feeling deflated.

Two of the worst habits with any presentation is overcrowding a slide and reciting a slide word for word, which will no doubt leave your delegates un-enthused and watching the clock. So, how can you avoid falling into the PowerPoint trap?

We’ve created a handy guide to give you some alternative tips on how to keep your delegates attention, whether you're hosting a conference, meeting or event.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers are great for larger events or conferences, and can be a good way to motivate and inspire them about the industry and success, but choosing the right speaker is a make or break decision and it sets the tone of your event. It’s important to select a quality speaker who can provide useful insights and enhance the purpose of your conference or event.


Interactive Sessions

The best way to hold delegates’ attention is by keeping sessions interactive, to peak engagement. A great way to create a memorable presentation is to actively include delegates. Try using free quiz tools where guests can log in and play remotely – it’s a great, but interesting way to recap a session, and provides a way for participants to process the material.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate humour into your presentation – it makes it much more relatable and engaging. Often appropriate humour can be used as a good ice breaker to get your participants more relaxed and peak their interest.

Presentation Software

Just because people overuse PowerPoint doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all. It can be a great tool to accompany any presentation, but perhaps try alternative presentation software such as Prezi or Canva to create a more inspiring talk. When creating your presentation, ensure that slides are not overloaded, and just include key points, so a speaker can elaborate on each point and hold the attention of the room.

Visual Aids

Everyone loves a visual aid, whether this be an appropriately placed meme, diagram or YouTube video, a visual aid can enhance your presentation. Most delegates prefer some element of visual learning, and so incorporating images and graphs can help maintain attention and digest information.

Seven minute breaks

Regular breaks should also be taken so that everyone can maintain their optimal focus. By providing seven minute breaks, it offers a long enough break to keep delegates active and feeling refreshed, but also guarantees them back in their seats after seven minutes - it's a precise time so we know they'll be clock watching. At Emirates Old Trafford, each of our suites include a balcony so delegates can enjoy some fresh air in between the itinerary and return to the next session feeling revitalised and ready to participate.


A key element which is often overlooked at events is AV and can transform any conference, meeting or event. Don’t leave it to the last minute to consider your needs, as ensuring you have the right equipment is crucial. You usually get just one chance to deliver the ultimate moment for your guests so it has to look better than just average – it has to impress.

When you book an event at Emirates Old Trafford, our AV partners, MCL Create, can help you create a bespoke AV package, tailored to your needs. Our rooms come with an in-house PA, dimmable lights, digital signage, screen and projector, air conditioning and complete blackout blinds to combine the traditional surroundings with modern capabilities perfectly designed to deliver a great experience for your next meeting, event or dinner. To find out more about our venue and the intelligent event spaces we offer, visit here.


If you would like to enquire about our event spaces, which are suitable for ten right up to 1,200 guests, our expert Events Team would love to hear from you. Email or contact the team on 0161 282 4020, or fill out our enquiry form here.