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11 Sep 2018

#EOTWellbeing: Why a long commute could ruin your business event

The day doesn’t begin when you arrive at a business event; it starts with an early morning alarm, preparing you for the commute.

Wellbeing is more than looking after delegates during an event, it’s about ensuring that their commute is healthy for them.

In September’s edition of #EOTWellbeing we look at the effects of a long commute before an event and why it’s beneficial to cut the journey down for your delegates. 

Why do we take long commutes to events?

We attend events for multiple reasons, one of them being work, such as conferences. Most events are central to cities but people choose to live far away as they prefer a more tranquil lifestyle rurally, therefore having a long commute.

But did you know that long commutes have negative effects on the body and mind?

Long term commutes can increase the risk of heart attacks, the flu and a risk of depression, whilst globally it can contribute to air pollution and traffic congestion.

Did you know over 1,500 commuters reported a 33% increase in snacking with a 29% increase in fast food consumption? This means that the average commuter adds 800 calories to their diet as a result of their commute.

Our top five benefits of a shorter commute:

Less likely to be late!

We all know the stress of being late is high and doesn’t give us a positive calm start to our day. With a shorter commute, you can leave the house 10 minutes earlier and not feel like you woke up at sunrise. This means more time in bed!

Decreased anger and no resentment towards the event

The day of the event, delegates will wake up excited to go to the event because there’s no stress involved with the commute! This means that they’re much more likely to be engaged throughout the day.

Decreased risk of high blood pressure!

Driving is associated with high blood pressure and the longer the journey, the higher the risk! Why not think about a car sharing scheme, so one person isn’t always driving?

Decreased chance of absenteeism

A shorter commute means delegates are more likely to attend the event as it’s easier. After all that hard work planning, your event deserves a great attendance

The ability to concentrate and perform at a high standard

A shorter commute means more sleep! Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the tasks ahead.

We all know there’s nothing worse than falling asleep at an event, so let delegates have an extra hour and a calmer journey!

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