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19 Sep 2018

What Type of Conference Venue Does Your Business Need?

Choosing the perfect venue is the key to hosting a successful conference, but it’s important you choose one that’s suited to you and your business. When shortlisting venues, be sure to have a list of requirements at the ready, allowing you to easily single out your ideal venue.

Conference venues come in lots of different shapes and sizes, meaning there are plenty for you to choose from: from city halls, to hotels, sports stadiums and cricket grounds. Determine the following factors to help narrow down your conference venue search…

Location is one to think about first. Where your conference is held can really affect the success of it. A poor location can result in poor attendance - so what makes a good location? Think easy access to buzzing cities, consistent development and great transport links, like Manchester for example. With Manchester’s excellent transport infrastructure making it easy to travel in and out of the city centre, combined with it being known as an influential, knowledgeable region, gives Manchester the edge over other major UK cities.

The size of your venue depends on your conference. Whether you opt for small or large, there are plenty of venues that’ll cater for you. If you’re going large, sporting stadiums could be your answer, with such a large base, you’ll easily cater for a bigger event. Alternatively, if your conference is of a smaller size, lots of larger venues will still offer single suites. From 200 people to 2,000 people, a stadium or arena makes for a fun, unique venue for any conference size. We advise searching for a venue with extra meeting space on-site, giving you the opportunity to offer breakout space if needed.

Opting for a venue that offers great facilities saves you a job in the future when trying to book other vendors etc. A key facility to look out for is the standard of technology, is it available at the venue? Is there internet access? Are you able to use microphones and speakers? You should also think about how accessible your venue is - do they provide disabled facilities?

Is there accommodation on-site or nearby? If so, it gives guests who are visiting from afar, the option to be able to stay overnight. Alternatively, if you’re hosting a multi-day conference, accommodation that is closeby is key to making the event easier for your delegates.

Whether your guests have travelled from near or far, a conference can often be a long day, so be sure to offer plenty of refreshments throughout the day. Whether you opt for large, sit down meals or numerous snacks throughout, giving your delegates plenty of breaks will keep them engaged for longer.