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25 Sep 2018

What Do Conference Delegates Look For?

Conference delegates are increasingly expecting more from conferences, wanting to feel that the event has been more of a personal, tailored experience for them. So what exactly are delegates looking for and how can you prepare your conference accordingly?

1. Interactive content
Gone are the days of looking at presentations and scribbling down notes all day long. Ensure your conference is interactive; introduce games, tasks and team building exercises to ensure that delegates stay engaged with each other, and reduce the risk of feelings of boredom and isolation.

2. The latest tech
Another way to interact with delegates is to embrace the rafts of new technology. Audience participation apps such as inTouch help you interact with your delegates in a fun and engaging way. With technological advances making day-to-day interest instantaneous and tailored, there’s lots of opportunity to get creative with your conferences.

3. Energy boosting snacks
The food at your event is of paramount importance and it’s one of the most memorable aspects of your day. Having healthy and energy boosting options should be standard at any event. The in-house catering team at your chosen conference venue should provide food options that keep your delegates focused through morning and afternoon.

4. Interesting, relevant speakers
Ensure your speakers are relevant, otherwise you’re wasting your delegates’ time as well as your own. You should also provide your delegates with a talking point at various stages of the day and allow them the opportunity to network with your chosen speaker(s). This will help keep things fresh and can create lasting professional networks.

5. Social
It’s almost a given that your delegates will engage with social media during your conference. Direct them to all of your social accounts and profiles and create a hashtag so that they’re able to post about the conference publicly. Encourage chatter both on and offline and don’t forget to link your WiFi landing pages to your social media channels!