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11 Oct 2018

#EOTWellbeing: In-house event experts

Why do you need a venue in-house events team?

So far in 2018, our #EOTWellbeing campaign has focused mostly on how to look after delegates, but what about the event organisers?

Here’s five reasons why you need an in-house events team…

A smooth running organisation makes for a more peaceful event day, and one way to achieve this is by utlising your venue’s in-house events team.

Decreased your stress levels: You don’t always have to do anything on your own. By working with your venue’s in-house event experts, you can forget about some of the nitty gritty details and stay focused on all parts of your role.

100% attention: An in-house venue event planner focuses solely on your function, not on trying to do their regular job plus the event, so there are no conflicts of interests – you’ll get all the attention and support you need!

Specialist skills and experience: The team will have specialist skills in all aspects of running a successful event at their venue, including accommodation, transport, catering, seating, lighting, music, key note speakers, communication and schedules. Get all the tips you can!

Creative ideas, which will work: Event planners can proactively suggest ideas, make improvements to yours and fill in the gaps to make your event a stand-out success. Because they know their venue inside out, you can trust that they’ll all be achievable suggestions.

Technical expertise: What innovative technology could your event include? Are you thinking BIG enough? An in-house team will have seen tons of creative activations at the venue, and will be able to work with you to bring ideas to life.

At Emirates Old Trafford, our trained Events Team are on hand to help you plan your event. From 2,000 guests, to more intimate meetings of less than ten, the highly skilled and efficient Events Team will ensure your get the most out of your event, whilst taking care of all the organisational nightmare - leaving you free to look forward to your big day.

Talk to our Events Team by calling 0161 282 4020 or complete our online form.