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04 May 2018

How to throw the perfect party

Throwing a party might just sound like a bit of fun, but it can bring with it a lot of pressure and stress.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the enjoyment, and ensure that your soiree is the talk of your friends or colleagues for years to come, follow these six important but simple steps…

  • Secure a date early

This gives you plenty of time to send out invites to guests, to arrange food, drink and entertainment that you want at your event. Securing a date early also allows the guests to clear their diary for that particular event, meaning they're more likely to come. If you don’t have ALL the details yet, remember you can always send out a ‘save the date’!

  • Visit the venue

When looking at a venue, you need to make sure that it is suitable to hold an event. Check that the venue has all the facilities to comfort your guests such as toilets, chairs, tables and lifts to help disabled guests. Before picking a venue, make sure with the provider that the space available can hold the amount of guests who are coming - you don't want to be squeezing people through the door! 

  • Know your budget

It is important you have a budget to stick by, as you don’t want to go over and cause financial problems. It is advised to create an expenditure sheet with all the costs you want to spend, compared to your actual budget.

  • Look after your guests

As soon as your guests walk into the building, have people directing them where they need to go - or have a drinks section so they can start socialising! This will make them feel welcome and their presence acknowledged. Once you've seen your guests enjoying themselves, you'll begin to relax yourself. 

  • Be weather ready

If your event is in the spring or summer, it might be a good idea to find a venue that has a balcony for guests to relax and enjoy the view from. You may want your venue to have an outdoor space to do physical activities or even have an acoustic set. But remember, there's always a chance of rain so give yourself a plan B. 

  • Don’t forget the importance of food and drinks

Discuss with the venue provider about food and drinks for the guests. There may be a package which involves them supplying food and having a bar. It is likely a package will involve drinks, but not food, so begin to consider external caterers and the vibe you would like to create. 

You're not alone! To find out how Emirates Old Trafford could help you to host the perfect party, email the Events Team on or call 0161 282 4020.