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21 Sep 2018

How Advanced Tech Can Make Your Meetings More Engaging

Utilising new technology can help improve both meeting and general office efficiency. If your tech is out of date it becomes temperamental and can slow you down, wasting time that could have been spent completing other tasks. So which emerging technologies should you be utilising to make your meetings more engaging?

1. Interactive whiteboards

Digital, interactive whiteboards are an essential element of an engaging meeting. You can create endless images that can be saved and shared online, and start with a fresh slide when it’s time to change topic. Gone are the days of messy markers and stained whiteboards!

2. Mobile apps
Mobile apps now allow meeting participants to not only view the presentation but contribute with their own ideas and visuals remotely - so you’re able to work from just about anywhere.

3. Streamlined document integration
With the latest conference technology, you can now easily integrate documents so everyone is on the same page. By integrating productivity tools including documents and calendars, employees come out of meetings with a sense of direction and purpose.

4. Audience participation tools
This would be most beneficial during larger meetings or conferences. Interactive meeting technology such as inTouch, SocialPoint turn audiences into active participants with live feedback, responses or challenges using their mobile phones. They might also include real-time surveys, trivia games, Q&A, twitter polls, idea voting and hybrid meetings.

5. Visualisation
Video walls, along with blended projected and message mapping allow images, videos and messages to be seen across several screens or devices at once. Using high-definition digital screens lets you communicate and engage with meeting attendees in a much more interactive way and on a much larger scale.