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13 Sep 2018

Five reasons why a Multi-Day Conference will transform your buiness

Planning a multi-day conference can be a challenging task, but if you organise it well and manage your time accordingly, you’ll reap the benefits. Make it your goal to captivate your guests and your reputation will be cemented. Here are five reasons why a multi-day conference will transform your business…

1. More memorable conferences
If you’re covering a lot of ground at your conference, it makes sense to spread it over several days rather than trying to cram all your information into one day. This also means that, overnight, your guests can process all the experiences from the days’ events. The next morning brings clarity to the dominant themes, ideas and resources shared during the conference.

2. There’s more opportunity to network
Networking - making connections with people and building relationships with them - takes a lot of time. At one-day conferences, there’s not much opportunity to build on those relationships if you’re hurrying in and out of presentation sessions or quickly chatting through a short lunch or refreshment break. During multi-day conferences there’s ample time to socialise and build lasting relationships.

3. More time for valuable content
The main reason for hosting a multi-day conference is the ability to share as much content as possible with your guests. There’s much more time for presentations, keynote speakers, group sessions and activities and longer lunches for networking.

4. A more flexible schedule
Hosting a multi-day conference means you don’t have to stick to one fixed, time-precious schedule. For example, if you end up covering a lot of topics on day one, then day two can be a more networking-focused day - and so on. There’s much more freedom to switch up your days and guests won’t feel rushed, either.

5. A dedicated in-house events team
At most conference venues, you’ll get a dedicated in-house events team who’ll ensure your multi-day conference runs smoothly from start to finish. Clients are given an Event Coordinator who can take away any planning worries and make it a quick and simple organisation process. They’ll also be there to welcome guests and oversee all activity to ensure the conference is productive and successful.