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14 Sep 2018

Five Reasons To Take Your Meetings Off-Site

To maintain a productive working community, your employees need to feel inspired, energised and motivated. One great way to keep your team motivated is to effectively manage off-site meetings, away from the daily grind and distractions of your usual office routine. Here are five reasons why you should take your meetings off-site…

1. Increases productivity by eliminating distractions
Taking yourself out of the office means you remove yourself from anyone interrupting your meetings with “have you got a minute?” or “just a quick one…”. With an off-site meeting, everyone in the room is focused on the session and will be more engaged, promoting effective communication.

2. They give fresh perspective
A change in office atmosphere can make a huge difference. If you’re in the same office day in, day out, it can make your brain feel stagnant. A new place can refresh your mind and your ideas.

3. They can boost morale
Hosting an off-site meeting is also a chance to include something fun and entertaining, like team building exercises. There’s no doubt that a new location is exciting for employees - and venues that have their own on-site bar/restaurant facilities or those close to city centre locations are perfect for a few after-work happy hours!

4. More catering options
There’s nothing worse than falling hungry during a meeting - your energy levels dwindle and productivity and engagement is more-or-less none existent. Hosting a meeting off-site gives you the option of a catering package, meaning you can focus on the important stuff and your venue can worry about filling your team up with brain food at the right time.

5. Better for team-building
Going off-site for your meeting means you have the opportunity to incorporate team-building exercises. For effective team-building, put colleagues together and give them a task to do or a problem to solve. You might want to include a team-building expert who can help you solve problems at the offsite venue.