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13 Aug 2019

#EOTWellbeing: The importance of food

The success of a conference, exhibition or meeting depends largely on the productivity of your delegates.

So, when organising an event, what’s the first thing you should look at to keep up the energy in the room?


What we eat has a direct impact on our work performance so, if you want to increase your event productivity levels, you should pay close attention to the menu.

When delegates eat right, their bodies process the nutrients in food properly and maximizes them for optimal energy – meaning they can work to the best of their abilities and really think outside of the box.

At Emirates Old Trafford, we’ve made this element of event planning simple. Thanks to our new and updated menus, clients are able to benefit from healthy selections, with enough choice to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Take a look at our top choices for a #EOTWellbeing approved meal…


We all know that breakfast is a very important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general, adults who eat breakfast have more energy, work harder and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired.

Here’s some breakfast ideas with our #EOTWellbeing seal of approval.

Homemade Smoothies

A quick, easy and enjoyable way to get some vitamins into your system! We offer the following flavours of all-natural smoothies: strawberry and banana / passionfruit, pineapple and mango / raspberry, blueberry and banana / apple, pear, kiwi, mint and avocado.  

From the Fruit Stall

After some more goodness to start the day? Enjoy a selection of chilled fruit juices, assorted dried fruits and mixed nuts, natural yoghurts, fruit compote and granola plus a sliced fruit platter.

Healthy Breakfast Buffet

After a warm breakfast, which might be slightly more substantial but just a healthy? Thanks to our healthy buffet your delegates can tuck into scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, served with warm granary bread rolls and bagels plus assorted fruit flavoured yoghurts and fruit juices.


Lunch raises your blood sugar level in the middle of the day, making you be able to focus for the rest of the afternoon. The break is also important to help consolidate your delegate’s thoughts, particularly if the upcoming activities demands concentration.

For event organisers, the lunch menus to choose from can be endless! Here’s our top #EOTWellbeing choices.

Lancashire Cricket Players’ Buffet

This menu has been specially designed with our Lancashire Cricket Club first team fitness coach and dietician, to help bring out the best performance in individuals.

  • Citrus and herb griddled chicken
  • Lightly spiced oven baked fish served with seasonal greens
  • Wholemeal fusilli with peas, broad beans and spinach (V)
  • Sweet potato mash (V)
  • Rice and peas with jerk griddled vegetables (V)
  • House green salad and dressings and a quinoa and black barley salad (V)
  • Home baked flapjack and seasonal fruits

Healthy Buffet Menu Choice 1

  • Chicken and spinach lasagne
  • Tandoori roast lamb
  • White bean and root vegetable cassoulet (V)
  • Jacket potato served with sour cream and salsa dips (V)
  • Coriander and cumin rice (V)
  • House salad (V)
  • Poppy seed muffin (V)

Healthy Buffet Menu Choice 2

  • Chicken and cashew nuts
  • Moroccan spiced lamb tagine
  • Sundried tomato risotto with griddled vegetables (V)
  • Baked brown rice (V)
  • Stir fried greens (V)
  • Pasta salad (V)
  • Fruit

Healthy Packed Lunch

If you’re short of time, or are sending your delegates out into one of our breakout spaces, why not offer them a healthy packed lunch? We promise we’ve come a long way from your playground days….

The lunch includes a salad*, a piece of fruit, cereal bar, vegetable crisps and a bottle of water.  

*Choose from the following salad options:

  • Carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus and a red onion chutney (V)
  • Steamed chicken salad with potato and dill and a honey mustard dressing
  • Flaked salmon salad with a sweet chilli dressing (H)
  • Feta cheese and pea salad with a yoghurt and mint dressing

Something bigger!

If your delegates are being treated to an evening event, or if you’re looking for something a little more substantial, the choices are endless.

But just because your delegates are going to be eating more, doesn’t mean they should be faced with unhealthy mass catering. In fact, the later your delegates eat, the healthier it should be!

Emirates Old Trafford has designed some healthy and exciting meals, which are sure to keep the room free from stomach grumbles!  

Bowl Food Menu

The perfect choice if you’ve got a mix of tastes in the room. Our small food bowls can be mixed and matched by your delegates, from hot to cold, spicy to mild. Here are our favourite healthy bowls…


  • An authentic Greek salad filled with feta cheese, black olives, cucumber, tomatoes and fresh herbs
  • Tandoori roast salmon served with a spiced potato salad
  • A delicious classic French Tuna Niçoise salad
  • Chilli king prawns served with a sharp red cabbage and fennel coleslaw
  • Black barley, burlotti beans, edamame beans served with roasted butternut squash and fresh pomegranate seeds (V)
  • Oak smoked salmon served with a fresh beetroot and mandarin couscous
  • A Goat’s cheese salad with watermelon and pear and topped with cumin seeds (V)


  • Wild creamy mushroom risotto served with griddled asparagus (V)
  • Wholemeal pasta with piquillo peppers and griddled vegetables (V)
  • White bean, barley and vegetable cassoulet with a sweet potato mash (V)
  • Teriyaki salmon with a sticky lemongrass rice
  • Griddled citrus halloumi with a fruit couscous salad (V)

Plated meals

So you’re keeping it simple and offering a delicious plated dinner for your delegates. No problem!

These exciting fish dishes are the perfect choice for a #EOTWellbeing approved dinner.

  • Pan fried seabass with green cabbage and bacon and a Morecombe prawn hollandaise
  • Pan fried lemon and chilli haddock with a saffron and shrimp risotto and pea shoot garnish

Emirates Old Trafford is proud to boast an array of menu choices for event organisers to choose from, catering from 10 – 2000 people.

Although our in-house events team can help you to ensure that the feel-good health factor is considered, there’s also an abundance of more luxurious choices, should your delegates desire!

To enquire about your next event visit here, alternatively you can email or call 0161 282 4020.