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23 Jul 2018

#EOTWellbeing: let there be light!

Have you ever struggled to stay awake during a work presentation? When was the last time you left a conference feeling refreshed or invigorated?

Efficiency levels are often a cause for concern for business event organisers, without realising that they’re overlooking one simple solution – daylight.  

Correctly utilising natural light design in an office environment could improve productivity by at least 8%. If we apply the same logic in meetings and conference rooms, we can avoid some of the issues standing in the way of productivity.

Natural light has been linked to improved focus, efficiency, and less illness with reduced absenteeism. Research indicates that the benefits of daylight exposure at work included everything from improved morale, to an increased ability to remember numbers backwards.

In fact, one study found that workplaces with good daylight had up to 40% higher levels of productivity. Other studies have found that well illuminated spaces with natural elements, such as daylight and greenery, can improve creativity and learning.

The benefits of natural light on the way we feel don’t just apply to our physical wellbeing, but also to our psychological health and mood. A lack of daylight can make us feel down, depressed and anxious.

Studies have found that improved access to natural light can reduce levels of agitation and stress, due to its Vitamin D properties – meaning you can benefit from happier, healthier delegates!

So, next time you’re booking a conference or event space, make sure you consider the amount of accessible daylight for your delegates!

Emirates Old Trafford’s flagship facility, The Point, boasts floor-to-ceiling seven-metre windows with panoramic views over the famous Lancashire Cricket pitch and the Pennines. An endless supply of natural light can also be found within The Pavilion, a traditional and intelligent building which can cater from small meetings to lavish celebrations.

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