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27 Jun 2018

#EOTWellbeing: get your delegates moving!

We all know that regular exercise boosts your health, but what are the benefits of physical activity in the work place, and how can you incorporate it into your events?

Wellbeing goes further than offering healthy food, it’s about thinking of ways to open your delegates’ minds and encourage productivity – and activity is a great place to start!  

In June’s edition of #EOTWellbeing, we look at why it’s important to include physicality in your event planning and offer some top tips to help get you all moving!

Physical activity is a natural mood lifter

There’s a lot you can control when you’re planning your event, but the mood of your delegates on arrival is completely out of your hands. Begin the event with an energy boosting activity, such as a pair finding game, and you’ll be rewarded with their attention and focus!

It promotes a positive attitude and outlook

Physical activity is known to create endorphins, which encourage positivity. By getting your delegates on their feet throughout the day, they’re more likely to have a brighter outlook on their work – ultimately, helping to spark creativity.

Boosts your energy level so you can get more done.

If you’ve spent months organising a company conference, you’ll want it to be productive! Although you'll be using some event time for physical activity, you’ll make it back in energy and concentration levels. A quick walk outside or around the room will wake your delegates up and help them to maximize their work levels.

Think clearer

If you’ve just finished a difficult task – take a break! Get up and move about outside for a few minutes. A change of scenery and a timeout will help you all feel like facing the next task.

Ideas to get your bodies and brains ticking!

Now you’ve seen the benefits, why not put some physical activities into your next event? Here’s some ideas to get you started…

  • Have standing or walking meetings
  • Arrange a steps competition for delegates – the guest who collects the most wins a prize!
  • Arrange standing desks to be in the room
  • Bring a yoga enthusiast in and arrange stretch breaks!
  • Organise an active lunchtime, or take everyone to a picnic spot for some fresh air

What are you waiting for, get your delegates moving! 

Home to Lancashire Cricket Club, Emirates Old Trafford is a stadium venue bursting with opportunities to engage your delegates in physical activity. From the modern stands to large rooms, cricket sessions and outdoor space, there’s an abundance of choice.

Speak to one of our Event Co-ordinators to discover how we can help you have the most productive meeting possible. Call 0161 282 4020 or enquire here.

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