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07 Mar 2018

WoManchester: meet our leading lady!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Manchester is proud to have played a leading role in history’s fight for women’s suffrage and innovation. So, to celebrate and help raise awareness of the #WoManchester campaign, we’re placing a spotlight on one of our leading ladies at Emirates Old Trafford.

Meet Angela Hodson, Head of Sales…


“I’m responsible for the Hospitality, Conference and Events (C&E) Sales and Delivery teams. We are responsible for delivering a £4.1 Million C&E business this year and two International cricket matches, a concert, alongside domestic cricket. There are 14 individuals in the team that I’m responsible for leading and motivating to achieve budget and deliver an exceptional service to the clients we are looking after.

“My role involves producing a yearly budget, forecasting, producing a sales and marketing plan, team and sales meetings, Head of Department and Financial meetings amongst many other things!”


“From a young age I’ve always been interested in working and earning my own money. Growing up I did all sorts of jobs, a paper-round, working for a Farm Shop called “Greenfields”, Tesco’s, Burger King, various administration jobs and a bar job!

“At University I did a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management and a part of that was undertaking a year work placement, which I did in a privately owned boutique hotel called Aston Hall Hotel in Sheffield. After a month I became their Conference Co-ordinator, which was my first insight into the world of events.

“Following this I worked at De Vere Whites at the Reebok Stadium (now Makron), Manchester City Football Club, De Vere Daresbury Park and The Lowry Theatre, finally ending up here at Emirates Old Trafford.

“I love working in sports and unique venues, as there are always challenges in managing the events side of the business with either the sport element or other side of the business. For example, at ‘The Lowry’ the productions taking place in the theatre. These challenges keep us on our toes day to day.”


“Learning from your mistakes – understanding what works, what doesn’t work and developing ways to do things better in business!

“Have respect for other departments and other individuals – we all need to work collaboratively together to achieve the end of goal. You need to work effectively with people to earn their respect and get their buy in on certain things.

“Have fun – if you don’t enjoy your job don’t do it – life’s too short. If you enjoy your work this will mean you are motivated and inspired to do a good job and achieve success!”


“My key challenge has been balancing my career with having my two children. My career is massively important to me as a person, however it’s really important that I’m there for my children too. I’ve had to learn that leaving at 5pm on the dot isn’t a bad thing and that I can pick work up at home once they’ve gone to bed! I’ve had to learn to be really focused, direct and prioritise my workload better to get the job done in a given time-frame and number of days in the week.”


“As a Head of Department it’s great to see that the male-to-female ratio is 50/50 here at Emirates Old Trafford, however I am a firm believer that from a role perspective we should think about who the best person for that role is regardless of gender, race, age etc.”


“I hope to continue to be challenged and happy in the role(s) that I undertake and to ensure that the teams I manage are inspired to do an amazing job every day.

“Most importantly, my aim is to inspire my two young girls to have ambition, work hard and enjoy life and their careers, no matter what they choose to do.”


“Experience…. try and gain as much business experience as you possibly can whether that is volunteering or actual work experience. Even if it’s not related to the career path you want to go down any kind of work experience will teach you about the kind of person in business you want to become and enable you to learn vital skills, whether that’s customer service, financial, administrative skills.”

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