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08 Jan 2016

8 Steps to Get Your Product Trending On Social Media

In a world in which every brand is striving to attain potentially lucrative exposure on social media, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for SMEs and start-ups to reap their share of the social market. Now, companies must think way outside the box if they’re to get their products and services trending on social media — something which is without doubt easier said than done.

To help your business achieve greater publicity and exposure, here are 8 steps to get your product trending on social media.

Step 1: Consider the Time of Year

When it comes to launching a successful social campaign, timing and seasonality are everything. A clothing brand would never launch winter boots at the beginning of summer, so too should you avoid marketing your product at the wrong time of year. If your product or service is appropriate year-round, why not tie its launch to a specific seasonal event such as Halloween or Christmas? This will help to give your campaign more relevance, and could potentially attract more interest.

Step 2: Encourage Others to Share Details of Your Product

Network with the right organisations, parties or individuals in the run up to your product launch, and your product stands a much greater chance of being shared socially. Collaborating with other businesses or individuals in your industry will not only help to spread the word about your product or service, it will create a lasting rapport that may be beneficial in the future.

Step 3: Use All Social Channels to Your Advantage

Facebook and Twitter may be the primary social channels on which to maximise your product’s exposure, but other social applications such as Instagram, Pinterest and Vine also provide creative ways to showcase your product or service to a new audience.

Step 4: Host a Competition or Giveaway

Nothing fosters interest quite like a competition, so hosting a prize giveaway ahead of, during or after the launch of a new product is a great way to attain extra interest for your brand. Use Facebook or Twitter as a platform for your contest, and you’ll get more shares, likes and comments — effectively helping to create exposure for your product. Just make sure the competition is carefully considered and appropriate, otherwise it will look nothing more than flimsy marketing ploy.

Step 5: Generate Sharable Content

Regardless of which social channel you choose, generating sharable content is a fundamental factor in helping your product to start trending. Post boring, run-of-the-mill content, and your audience will quickly lose interest in your brand. As touched on previously, creating exciting and engaging content requires you to think outside the box and put your creativity to good use.

Step 6: Cultivate a Sense of Mystery

Think smart during the run up to a new product launch, and you can cultivate a sense of mystery, excitement and hype that will make people want to share, discuss and interact with your brand and product line. By drip-feeding your audience with tantalising nuggets of information about your new product or service, you’ll bolster the hype surrounding your product and create a lasting fan base that keeps coming back for more.

Step 7: Create a Countdown

Once the excitement surrounding your product has reached fever pitch and launch day is approaching, publish a daily countdown on your social channels to ramp up the excitement. By combining new details of your product with a daily countdown, you’ll retain your audience whilst encouraging more people to share details of your product — thus helping it to trend ahead of launch day.

Step 8: Launch the Product in Style

When Apple launches a new iPhone, iPad or iMac, it achieves global interest seemingly out of nowhere. How? The brand effectively transforms a simple product launch into a dramatic stage show, placing its latest product at the centre of a highly publicised event. By going beyond the norm and investing in a special launch show for your new product, you’ll capture a whole new audience for your product that extends far beyond your current reach on social media.

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