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04 Feb 2016

10 Next-Gen Catering Ideas for Your Product Launch

Looking to host a product launch in Manchester and looking for catering inspiration? Take a look at our top ten next generation catering ideas for your product launch.

The food at an event is something which, more often than not, sticks in the minds of all attendees and exhibitors – making it a hugely important detail to get right. Old traditional offerings such as cold triangle sandwiches wrapped in cling film upon a large silver platter are unlikely to excite and enthral visitors to your product launch. A great alternative is the provision of delicious, healthy brain food which will keep all attendees alert, energised and interested.

Check out these ten brain food ideas we’ve come up with to add a little extra flavour to the whole event.

Fruit Salads

Small bowls of fruit such as blueberries and blackcurrants provide the superfood charge needed to aid concentration. These simple and mess-free fruit salad bowls are easy to hold and carry around an event – giving attendees boosting mouthfuls throughout the day.

Almonds and Hazelnuts

Rather than handing out bags of crisps, small packets of almonds and hazelnuts are jam-packed with Vitamin E – making them great brain foods. These two are the Vitamin E kings of the nut world and can be munched on like a packet of Walkers.

Seafood Tacos

Soft shell tacos can be filled with all manner of delicious ingredients, so pump them full of fresh fish and crisp salad to provide a delicious serving of brain-friendly Mexicana. Tacos are a hugely popular foodstuff, and many of your guests will welcome the chance to venture further than the bog-standard make-at-home kits.

Salmon and Avocado Wraps

Salmon and avocado hand wraps have become one of the most popular dishes in the fast growing UK sushi market. Avocados are enjoying their moment in the sun, recognised as a hugely beneficial superfood, and salmon always offers a little fishy goodness.

Gourmet Soup

Go one step further than the old, tired soups from tins and treat the attendees to a selection of delicious, chunky, piping hot soups. Served in small recyclable cups, gourmet soups can help create a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Create veg-heavy soups which are hearty and full of good stuff to keep the body healthy and the mind sharp.

Dark Chocolate

A little treat for your guests right here – dark chocolate is rich in fibre, iron and magnesium, making it a brilliant brain food. It’s important to pick a high quality organic dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa – otherwise, you’re just letting your guests gorge on sweet treats.

Gyoza Dumplings

Perhaps the surprise contender in the UK’s growing food truck industry, gyoza dumplings are small but delicious pastry packages. These authentic Japanese delicacies are filled with fragrant, savoury fillings and are a delicious snack. Pack these with brain-friendly superfoods such as squash, pumpkin and spinach to keep your attendees’ concentration up.

Omelette Bar

A live omelette bar creating fluffy eggy goodness in front of your attendees’ eyes will be a spectacle to behold, and can create brain food dishes. Eggs contain memory-boosting choline (and a host of other good bits) so when partnered with other superfoods, omelettes become something of a superfood super-recipe.


Better than a tea and coffee station, a smoothie bar can help you cram as many brain foods as you can into concoctions for your attendees’ delectation. Pair berries with oats for a great smoothie recipe with a whole bunch of memory and brain benefits.

Beanless Chili

Dr David Perlmutter is dedicated to training people to improve the power of their brains, with tips about how to eat right. We just love his beanless chili recipe which is full of good stuff for the ol’ brain and tastes just delicious. Served in a bowl with a spoon and your attendees can enjoy the chili like a brainy cowboy.

The catering team at Emirates Old Trafford are capable of helping you produce exceptional fare for your product launch’s guests. We can offer bespoke menus with lots of flexible options to get your event off to a healthy start.

For more info about how Emirates Old Trafford can help you organise and host a stunning product launch, visit our homepage or call us now on 0161 282 4020.