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Deaf Sports Personality of the Year - Saturday 10 November

Deaf Sports Personality of the Year

SATURDAY 10 NOVEMBER, 5.00pm to 1.00am

The Deaf Sports Personality of the Year is a cultural celebration event, where British Sign Language users from all over the UK come together and celebrate aspects of their culture that would otherwise go unrecognised in wider society.

DSPY is a biannual event aimed at both Deaf and hearing communities since 2009, where they can collectively celebrate in the achievements of Deaf Athletes getting the recognition they deserve”.

Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognise many other qualities: ability, struggle and effort among other barriers they had to overcome from their disability.

Also to raise general awareness about the Deaf community and sends a positive / aspiration message to the broader population.

For further information please contact Richard Weinbaum on 07776 196108 (via text message only) or email,  alternatively you can view the website here.